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  • Jiming Hao
    Jiming Hao
    Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering,
    Director of Environmental and Light Engineering Division at Chinese Academy of Engineering,
    Professor at Tsinghua University,
    Dean of Research Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering at Tsinghua University

    “The scale and magnitude of urban infrastructure growth in China is massive and unprecedented. The Chinese urban population is expected to increase by 350 million by 2025, more than the current US population … With this mammoth demand of urban infrastructure and the current urban environmental challenge, local and national leaders face the arduous task of building this infrastructure to ensure environmental protection and sustainability.”

    Katherine Sierra
    Katherine Sierra
    Nonresident Senior Fellow,
    Global Economy and Development
    Brookings Institution
    Vice President, Sustainable Development, World Bank (July 2007–August 2010)

    “By 2050, around 7 billion people globally will be urban dwellers and 60% of those urban regions have not yet been built. Most of this urban development is going to be in the developing regions of the world.”

    Plenary Speakers

    Dr. David J Nash, NAE
    Chair, Section 4: Civil Engineering
    National Academy of Engineering, USA

    Sustainability / makes good sense for public and private entities

    Dr. G. Wayne Clough, NAE
    President Emeritus, Georgia Institute of Technology;
    Former Secretary, Smithsonian Institution

    Why Engineering Matters in the Climate Change Debate

    Dr. Glen T Daigger, NAE
    Professor of Engineering Practice,
    University of Michigan

    The Prerequisites for Sustainable Urban Systems: Covering All the Bases

    Dr. John C Crittenden, NAE, CAE
    Director, Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems
    Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

    Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Systems: Gigatechnologies to Address ‘Gigaton’ Problem

    Dr. Xiangwan Du, CAE
    Former Executive Vice President, Chinese
    Academy of Engineering; Deputy Director,
    National Energy Commission Expert Advisory Committee;Director,
    National Climate Change Committee;
    Dr. Guangtao Wang
    Former Minister, Housing and Urban-Rural Development Ministry,
    People’s Republic of China;
    Director, Environment and Resources Protection Committee of the 11th National People's Congress
    Dr. Jiming Hao, CAE
    President, Environmental Science and Engineering Institute, Tsinghua University

    Energy Reform and Air Quality Improvement: Beijing Case

    Dr. Yihui Ding, CAE
    Professor and Special Advisor on Climate Change, China Meteorological Administration;
    Vice-Chairman,China Expert Panel on Climate Change

    Impact of climate change and urbanization on extremely intense rainfalls in megacities of China

    Dr. Yu Cai
    Deputy President of Shenzhen Development and Reform Committee

    Low Carbon Development and Shenzhen Practice

    Keynote Speakers

    Dr. Chris Kennedy
    Professor, University of Victoria
    Cities and Infrastructure for China’s Ecological Civilization
    Dr. Cliff I Davidson
    Professor, Syracuse University
    Measuring the Performance of Green Roofs
    Dr. David L. Sedlak, NAE
    Professor, University of California, Berkeley
    Anticipating the Technologies that will drive the Fourth Revolution in Urban Water
    Dr. David R Maidment, NAE
    Professor, University of Texas at Austin
    GIS and Sustainable Water Management
    Dr. David T Allen
    Professor, University of Texas at Austin
    Transforming to Natural Gas Electricity and Chemical Manufacturing Infrastructures and its Impacts
    Dr. David A Dzombak, NAE
    Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
    Climate Change Adaptation for Infrastructure: A Grand Challenge for Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Dr. Menachem Elimelech, NAE
    Professor, Yale University
    Membrane-Based Technologies at the Water-Energy Nexus
    Dr. Ming Xu
    Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
    Environmental Implications of New Mobility
    Dr. Paul F. Boulos, NAE
    President, COO and Chief Innovation Officer, Innovyze
    Advances in Green Infrastructure Modeling for Planning Sustainable Cities
    Dr. Pedro J. J. Alvarez
    Professor, Rice University
    Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment: A Vision to Enable Decentralized Water Treatment and Reuse to Alleviate Challenges of the Energy-Water Nexus
    Dr. Samuel T Ariaratnam
    Professor, Arizona State University
    Delivering Sustainable Pipeline Infrastructure: Technological Advancements in Installation and Renewal Methods
    Dr. Yongsheng Chen
    Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Perspective of Food Energy and Water Nexus in Urban Area
    Mr. Fergal Whyte
    East Asia Water Business Leader, Arup
    Cities – Can they meet our needs?
    Mr. Steve Foran
    Senior Consultant, Jacobs
    Integrated Systems Thinking for Urban Infrastructure Planning and Development
    Mr. William A. Wallace
    President of Wallace Futures Group
    Envision: A System for Evaluating Infrastructure Projects Against Their Contributions to Sustainability; Designing Civil Infrastructure for a New and Increasingly Harsh Planet
    Dr. Hao Wang, CAE
    China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower
    Session: Water Environment
    Dr. Max Dohmann
    Professor, RWTH Aachen University
    Session: Water Environment
    Dr. Guanghao Chen
    Session: Water Environment Seawater Supply and SANI Technology, a Successful Story of Hong Kong
    Dr. Jianping Wen
    Origin Water
    Session: Water Environment
    Dr. Wenhua Li, CAE
    Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS
    Session: Urban Ecology
    Dr. Jixi Gao
    Session: Ecological Restoration in Urban Areas
    Dr. Fasheng Li
    Session: Soil Restoration in the context of Urban Areas
    Dr. Kevin Jones
    Professor, Lancaster University
    Session: Ecological Civilization and Sustainable Development
    Dr. Shouqing Wang
    Tsinghua University
    Session: Infrastructure Financing Principles for Allocation of Control Rights in a PPP Project
    Dr. Steve Clark
    CEO, Suez-Asia
    Session: Infrastructure Financing International Experience and Chinese Practice on Environmental protection Infrastructure Investment and Financing
    Dr. Yisheng Shao
    Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design
    Session: Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Development
    Dr. Nanqi Ren,CAE
    Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design
    Session: Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Development Concept for Sponge City Construction in China
    Dr. Wei Wang
    Southeast University
    Session: Transportation
    Jinsong Zhang
    Chief Engineer of Shenzhen Water Group
    Session: Water Environment Sludge Treatment and Resource Recovery in Shenzhen